Refrigerator diagnosis starts below. But first…
Are you a “gearhead?”

I tried to write this guide to help everyone, even beginners, who wants to try to fix their own refrigerator.

But of course, not everybody has the same skill set. Some people are VERY mechanically-savvy, And some have very few mechanical skills and little knowledge.

So please let me ask you a couple of quick questions, to separate the novices from the “gearheads…”

Do you know basically how a refrigerator operates?

Do you know the function of a compressor, condenser, evaporator, compressor fan, evaporator fan, defrost timer, defrost heater, and Freon®?

If you do, then click below to start diagnosing.

If you don’t know these things, you really need to. I wrote a little loop that explains how the important parts of a refrigerator work together to make your ice cream cold. It’s only seven short sections of pretty easy reading, with some cool illustrations.

Do you know how to use a Multimeter to test voltage, continuity and resistance? You might need to. If you don’t, there are instruction links on pages where you need to know.

I know how refrigerators work. Let’s diagnose mine.
I want to see a brief tutorial: How Does a Refrigerator Work?
I have a GAS refrigerator, like you see in RVs.

Diagnosis / Troubleshooting

First, let me clarify…

When I talk about the REFRIGERATOR, I am talking about the whole thing…the big box that sits in your kitchen (or garage, or wherever) and makes things cold.

When I talk about the FRIDGE, I am talking about the compartment inside your refrigerator that is NOT your freezer. It keeps food cold, but not frozen.