Has your dryer quit? Are your wet clothes piling up???
Is your dryer just not drying like it used to?
Or dryer not heating up at all?
Is your dryer getting noisier???

Diagnosis and repair procedures are included for common symptoms, such as low heat or not heating, noisy operation or rumbling sounds, clothes taking too long to dry, electrical and timer problems, gas burners and electric heaters, and belt and drive train problems.

The cabinet on my Kenmore dryer is 29″ inches wide
The cabinet on my Kenmore dryer is 27″ inches wide

Kenmore is one of the most popular appliance brands in USA, and they are known for producing reliable and dependable products. No need to call an expensive serviceman, and then wait a couple of hours (or DAYS) for him to show up! Diagnose your problem RIGHT NOW, cheaply and easily.