Do-It-Yourself Appliance Repair

Is fixing an appliance your idea of a good time?
Me neither!

But it’s important to know that MOST appliance repairs are NOT that difficult…they involve changing a part or two.

A broken home appliance can be maddening. Murphy’s Law says that an appliance will stop working right when you need it the most…you know the drill…you just bought $200 worth of steaks and ice cream, and you come home and find your freezer thawing…!

Our FREE online manuals are written in plain English with a touch of humor, and cut right to the heart of the problem and show you how to diagnose and fix the most common problems with the most common home appliances. Illustrated, and designed specifically for do-it-yourself appliance repair, our manuals have been endorsed by thousands of satisfied customers, and appliance service and parts professionals throughout the U.S. and Canada for almost 30 years. With simple instructions and easy-to-follow diagrams, you’ll be saying goodbye to costly repair bills, and hours of waiting for the repairman.


A quote from Douglas Emley, author of Cheap & Easy! Appliance Repair Manuals:

“Why pay $50–$60 just for someone to come to your house and diagnose the machine,
and after that, even more for them to actually do the repair,
when you can do most repairs yourself for less than forty bucks?

The same questions tend to get asked about the same machines over and over.
We’ve taken the answers and put them in a convenient, easy to read, online format.”


Your manual has information on the bottom-pump Westinghouse machine that no other manual has… well-written… easy to understand… I recommend your manuals.

Bill Castricone, Appliance Parts Specialist, P&S Parts Corp., Gardena, CA

I couldn’t believe how easy it was… It turned out to be just a pump, and I was able to diagnose and fix it myself for just thirty dollars! The serviceman wanted sixty dollars just to come to my house and look at it… With just a little bit of time and effort, I saved nearly a hundred dollars!

Aeme Skelton, Homemaker, St. George, Utah

Detailed… well written… the illustrations are outstanding. I highly recommend your service manuals to ALL of my do-it-yourself customers.

Rick Cronce, President, Anaheim Appliance Parts, Anaheim, CA

It was easy… it turned out that the drain was just clogged in two different places. I saved over eighty dollars on a service call.

Ed Ludwig, Barber, Orange, CA

Your service manuals are easy to understand… well-written… I recommend them to all my customers.

Dick Fox, President, Fox Appliance Parts of Augusta, Augusta, GA

Your explanation of glo-bar ignitor circuits is excellent… easy to read and understand… your service manuals are so good at explaining things…

Mike Ferreira, Court Interpreter, Long Beach, CA

Your coverage of gas valves and ignition parts  is outstanding… I recommend your manuals to ALL my do-it-yourself customers.

Tom Houlihan, President, Orange County Appliance Parts, Garden Grove, CA

It was so easy… It took just over an hour, and my dryer is as quiet as a dormouse. I saved over 55 dollars on a service call.

Werner Millhouse, Salesman, Orange, CA

This is the only service manual I’ve seen that covers the defrost functions of the Whirlpool Flex-Tray Icemaker unit… I highly recommend your service manuals to ALL of my do-it-yourself customers

Dave Dumas, President, Appliance Repair Parts Co., Honolulu, HI

I couldn’t believe how easy it was… my refrigerator’s problem had nothing to do with the Freon. I was able to diagnose and fix it myself in just three hours. I figure I saved myself over a hundred dollars on a service call…

Brian Winget, Regular kind of guy, Anaheim, CA